What is in a title?

The Penned Latte.


Wait… what?

It’s one of those names that just popped into my mind thinking it sounded cool. But after rereading it for the nth time, it didn’t make sense.

Who knew thinking of a blog name would be very difficult. If this was a human baby, the mom would totally screw me over.

Then like some cheesy 90’s movie, I had an epiphany. *cue angels*

I’m ridiculously creative, I combined the two things I love: Pens and Lattes.


It is in my bucket list to be able to finish writing a book.

Published or self-published? Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a book.

We all have worlds within us just waiting to burst through. Some people sketch, draw and color their worlds on paper; while I choose to write them in ink.

Who wouldn’t want to be like Dan Brown and JK Rowling? To be able to put their world into writing with much clarity and depth. To be able to weave the lives of their characters. To be able to arrange words that when someone reads them it feels like the sentences flow off the page and into your life.

That is what I want to achieve.


What goes best with reading and writing?

Coffee! And it’s usually a latte for me.

Some people drink alcohol to think straight. If so, then coffee is my vodka. It is my whiskey and my gin.

Coffee is uplifting and intellectually stimulating.

That is what I want my readers to feel when they visit my blog.

The Penned Latte is my journey towards a career in writing.

The latte is the symbol of my beginnings: small, simple and plain. But as we go through more posts and reviews, we expand our horizons, further than we physically can.

Later on, who knows we can pen more than just a latte.


  1. Book Reviews

I’ll be reviewing books for most of my posts. I’m neither a literary expert nor a graduate in that field. But I have been reading all my life and I just can’t help but share and recommend what I have read.

Mostly I read General Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.

Don’t worry. I’ll try to be as critical as possible when reviewing (so you can use this as reference when submitting book reviews to your professors. I won’t tell.)

  1. Movie Reviews

I am all about movies. In whatever genre it may be. Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Action. I am one of those losers who buy the earliest schedule in the cinema to watch a movie.

However, I may also post a review on old movies. (Movies released months or years before I made a review). For that I apologize, as I am not sponsored to make reviews for movies and cannot afford to regularly do so.

Bottom line, I also wait for torrents. *evil laugh*

  1. Reflections and Other Unsolicited Advice for Co-Millenials

Yes. I may also post empathic psycho-analytical crap on my blog.

Just like Thought Catalog and Elite Daily.

But I suppose it will only be occasional because I don’t like people knowing my shit.


So if you have any book or movie you’d like me to review, just send me a message through HERE.

You can also reach me through Twitter and Instagram if you have any comments and suggestions, or would like to discuss my reviews with me.




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