I always wanted to write.

Write my own stories. Write my own books. Write about worlds of grandeur and limitless possibilities.

And in that, I know I had to practice writing as a habit instead of just an urge whenever some random shit or inspiration comes to mind.

I’m Jieo Lobrio and this is my blog.

A little background on my not too distant past life…

Back in elementary and early high school, I was one of those geeks who joined writing contests, competed in math and science quiz bees and watched a lot of Discovery Channel documentaries. Yes, I was that kid.

Come mid high school, pubescent drama, peer pressure, competition and identity crisis shoved that geeky-ness out the door. Mean Girls style, a self-proclaimed bitch with no direction in life was born.

But thank God for college. The teachers were amazing – the ones that really led you to the right path for your life and career. My classmates were equally awesome. No competition. Everyone helped everyone. Minimal trash talk and just plain real talk most of the time.

I took up a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. That was a bust. (I wasn’t expecting to stay in that program anyway.)

So I shifted (yes, like I had a choice) to Management. And for some reason, it led me to the path I wanted to take in life.

I want to do Marketing and Advertising.

I graduated from the University of the Philippines in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Management.

Currently, I work for a TV Network in the Philippines.

What got me into writing…

I don’t have much experience in writing except for those papers I’ve done in school. I’m not the participative type in class, believe me. But my teachers would praise my writings often and that propelled me to the top of the class.

I had written chapters of countless novel ideas.

I had a few friends beta read them. I posted them in my old blog. I posted them on wattpad. I posted them on facebook.

Months pass and I lost the inspiration almost as fast as I got it.

I gave up.

I deleted all written history of all those dumb ideas I had.

 But I finally got back to reading.

The more I read, the more it inspires me to write again.

I want to be like Dan Brown. I want to be like JK Rowling. Hell, I even want to be like EL James!

Doesn’t matter what genre. I just have to write a book.

So this blog…

I am such a fanboy and it pains me that not all of my friends read.

And those who do read, haven’t read what I had.

This blog serves as my diary as I build my library of books.

And in the process, discuss with others about the books.

And also to practice my writing.

I may post about movies also as I am a movie and tv geek.

Probably sometimes I may also post psychological reflective shit.

But not too much. You have Thought Catalog and Elite Daily for that.


In essence, this will be my journey towards my writing career.

Whether I have a future with this or not……

….I hope there is. Cheers!